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Tips For Avoiding Spam Filters

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Tips For Avoiding Spam Filters


1. Avoid putting all of your content into one picture. Businesses usually do this when they are trying to
avoid ‘spammy’ words, and a lot of times those email servers can pick up on the fact that the entire
email is an image and it will instantly block you.


2. Pay attention to your bounce rate, the total number bounces you have and individual bounces. If it is
something you can easily fix because it was a typo, make sure you go in and fix those. If it is a hard
bounce or an email that doesn’t exist, remove it from your list.


3. Separate the inactive people. If you have subscribers that are never opening your emails or clicking on
anything, then there is a good chance that it might become a spam trap, which is an email address that
somebody uses to subscribe to your newsletter, but never goes in and checks it. That can actually
negatively affect your delivery rates.


4. Avoid excessive capitalization, punctuation such as exclamation points and ‘spammy’ words like
‘free’, ‘daily’ or ‘pledge’. Avoid using these words in your subject line, as well as the body of your email


5. Insure that all the links in your email are valid and do not link to websites that are spammers.
Excessive broken links will triger a spam filter. Same for linking to websites that ISP's think are


6. Avoid inappropriate language ie four letter words etc.


For more email marketing tips  go to my blog:

Joseph Grillo
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