Tips in Hosting a Webinar

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Tips in Hosting a Webinar

As a small business owner, I really enjoy hosting Constant Contact educational seminars. I elected to incorporate weekly webinars during July and August twice a week. One day in the morning and another day in the evening. Consistancy is one of the key ingredients when hosting a webinar. Attendees start to follow you and sign up for your future webinars immediately. Webinars help to build relationships and create engagement with people. 


Webinars are definitely challenging in many ways. It honestly takes a few times to develop your own style of teaching a webinar. It's a different way of learning and communicating with people. We all learn on different levels. In the beginning, my goal was to create engagement through out the whole webinar. I learned very quickly this was not going to be very effective. When unmuting all the attendees there is a lot of noise distractions in the background. I have developed my own stye for teaching webinars. I run the whole show in the beginning. Then, at the end of my presentation. I unmute all of the attendees. I ask everyone if they have any questions. Sometimes people will speak or they will type me a question. The objective is to create some kind of engagement with everyone if possible. I always feel we can all learn from each other. During the webinar, I take notes as a reference for my follow up process. 



 The benefits in hosting a webinar:


  1. Convenience at your office or home
  2. Opportunities in connecting with other business owners
  3. Learn from others globally 
  4. Beneficial with inclement weather
  5. Flexiable work schedule

From a business and personal aspect, hosting these webinars have been gratifiying to me. I have had opportunites in communicating with people from the US, Uk, Cananda and Africia. I really enjoy hearing about an array of businesses from around the world. After hosting a webinar the follow up process is essential. It provides an opportunity to speak directly with an attendee to inquire if they have any additional questions. 





Here are a few helpful tips:


  1. Review notes taken
  2. Prepare and send out an email to attendees and not attending attendees
  3. List a few educational and value tips
  4. Include an upcoming webinar schedule 

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