Tools to Improve Your Writing


Tools to Improve Your Writing

images.jpgAs a non-profit, writing is part of your job. You might need to request donations, reach out to existing donors, share business news or even speak about your business to grow. There are tons of online writing tools to help you learn better ways to write and even analyze your style. Jeff Brooks from Future Fundraising Now shared his favorite writing tools to get you started.


Using the idea that simple is better, Hemingway will take your copy and look for passive voice, adverbs, complex phrases and more.



This analyzer tells you what percentage of your writing is latinate –of latin origin. Using latinate makes you sound educated but make sure you don’t sound like you’re lying.

This online version is recommended as it keeps you on task. Brooks points out that using a paper thesaurus can distract him for an hour or more!



Made for writers, this desktop tool is perfect for long, complex projects.


**Just a note, I ran this post though Hemingway and made three changes before I posted. I had 3 sentences that were considered hard to read, one that was very hard to read, and one use of passive voice. I corrected these areas based on the recommendations given!


Check out the full article by Jeff Brooks on Future Fundraising Now. 

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