Top 10 Time Wasters At Work


Top 10 Time Wasters At Work

2-10-2015 9-52-23 AM.jpgWe know small business owners are busy and every extra minute can be filled with more work to get done. Have you considered  that you might be wasting time while you are at work? Eight out of ten Americans reported that they waste time at work each day, and 3/4 of those admit to wasting between 30 minutes and an hour. Business Pundit shared a list of the top ten time-wasters you or your employees might run into at work. 


1. Interruptions to Your Flow. It takes the average worker 23-minutes to get fully back on track after being interrupted. Focused time is important for creative work, brainstorming and more.

2. Bad Ergonomics. It's hard to concentrate when something hurts! Did you know bad posture can deepen depression, hurts work outcomes, and increases stress? You don't need anymore of that. 

3. Lack of Motivation or Engagement. According to a study on only 13% of workers are engaged at work. This leads to decreased productivity and more.

4. Email. With smartphone technology we're always connected. The average worker spends 13 hours (28% of their workweek) checking emails. Download an app to help manage this.

5. Instant Messaging. Sending a quick IM can get you a fast answer but it also can strike up an unrelated conversation. Send an email instead, you are more likely to get a detailed reply that way.

6. Meetings If you regularly attend meetings for work, you can go ahead and say goodbye to almost a full quarter of your work month. If it fits in a short to medium length email it doesn't need a meeting.

7. Social Media. Facebook and LinkedIn are considered the top two time-wasting social sites. Save logging in until lunch break so your time is limited or keep yourself logged out until you get home.
Non-Work-Related Web Surfing. Shopping and Banking are the two most common web-surfing themes. According to a survey by, workers in Britain spend an average of £1,400 during work hours every year.

9. Chatting. You aren't expected to keep quiet all day but talking to coworkers can easily get out of control. Limit your time spent chatting in between tasks so it's easier to get back to work.

10. Bad MultitaskingThose who are regularly bombarded with multiple streams of electronic lose the ability to pay attention, recall information, or switch from one task to another with their full focus, and the effects linger even after the multitasking is completed.


Check out the full article by Merrill Cook on Business Pundit for more!

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