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Top 5 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

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Top 5 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

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Paul Gillin recently interviewed our very own Mark Schmulen, General Manager of Social Media, about his 5 tips for Facebook. Mark states that “Most small businesses are doing Facebook without knowing why they’re doing it.”  They state that this is the “herd mentality at work”, so let’s fix that!


Tip #1: Know what your goals are.  Definitely know your goal and offer should match that.  Set up rotating deals to find out what is working and don’t just work off of your wall.


Tip #2: Make your offer shareable. On average a person on Facebook has 130 friends, so make your content shareable.  If you have 50 fans, that’s 50 times 130.  That’s 6500 more people you could reach potentially.


To check out Mark’s other tips, read “Top 5 Facebook Tips for Small Businesses


  • What tips can you share with us?
  • What works on your Facebook Page?
  • What hasn’t worked?