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Top 7 Mistakes Businesses Make When Filing an Insurance Claim

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Top 7 Mistakes Businesses Make When Filing an Insurance Claim

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When disasters strike, your business can take a big hit. How you handle the situation with your insurance company can make a big difference.


I found a post on Entrepreneur that has the 7 tips you'll want to know when filing an insurance claim. Some of the takeaways seem obvious but when you're dealing with a crisis being overwhelmed may make you forget what you need to do.


  1. Contact Your Insurer Immediately - Picking up the pieces is important but you'll want your insurance company to see the full extent of your damages before cleaning up.
  2. Document Your Damage - Be sure to take pictures of all of the damage your business may have sustained.
  3. Read Your Policy - Be sure you're covered. Do not assume that you're insurance covers earthquakes just because the state you live in is prone to them.


For all 7 tips, check out the full article : Top Seven Mistakes Business Owners Make Filing Insurance Claims


Did this post help? Have you had to deal with your insurance company after a disaster? What tips do you have?


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