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Tradition keeps this Family Business Going

CTCT Employee

Tradition keeps this Family Business Going

A recent post on Mashable talks about "How one Italian restaurant stands out in New York City."  To stand out in New York City is a big accomplishment.  After watching the video in the post, it made me think about traditions and what keeps businesses going year after year.  For this particular restaurant it was staying true to their roots, but this may not work in all businesses.  


Let's take the music industry as an example, how much has that changed in the last 50 years?  How about the last 5?  That is an industry that is always evolving.  If you were to stick to tradition in that industry, you are burying your business.  


Take a look at the article here, and at the very least watch the video.  It is only worth two and a half minutes of your time, but it is worth it!  


Share with us how your business has changed, and what hasn't changed.