Traits that Guarantee Success


Traits that Guarantee Success



According to Betty Liu of many successful entrepreneurs and CEOs have found that successful people tend to have pretty consistent combination of five traits. Don’t worry, if you lack one that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful but if you identify with any of them you are likely someone who already has or will achieve great success.


  1. They are good at execution. Right ideas are a dime a dozen.
  2. They have a chip on their shoulder. Not a negative thing! Turn your lemon into lemonade.
  3. They are good decision makers. Make decisions quickly and move along.
  4. They give a lot. Not always money! Relationships count too.
  5. They are highly disciplined. If you want to achieve something you need to work hard at it.

Do you possess any of these traits? How do you measure your own success at work?

Hannah M.
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