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Twelve Foolproof Direct Marketing Tips…

Contributing Solution Provider

Twelve Foolproof Direct Marketing Tips…


for Converting Prospects to Customers.


The next customer marketing message you start to proof, before deploying, consider –

  1. Your copywriting must grab the attention of the readers,
  2. the copy must focus on them and not your company,
  3. differentiate your product or service from your competition,
  4. tailor your copy to relevant niche customer segments or profiles,
  5. use as many of your customer’s favorite communication channels as possible,
  6. and tell them why they should buy from you and no one else.

That’s about as quick and concisely getting to the right points of using direct marketing tools as promised. I owe you six more so hang out, we’ll get there sooner than later.


Your company is not going to stay the same forever…

A good product and service will help your company grow. As that happens some of the one-to-one personal dialogue becomes harder to maintain. Further, customers change, the market is ever-changing and there is more competition, direct and even in-direct that you face daily.


Then there’s a business growth cycle…

 You’ll want to match your products to the wants and needs of as many customers and prospects as possible. In the days of yore, people in sales made notes in a notebook or index cards. When they returned to the office, these notes where entered into a CRM, such as ACT! At least the sales manager thought so.


Sales people kept their focus on customer needs…

 The knowledgeable CRM user was able to start a conversation with the customer where they left off the last time they talked. CRM usage made the conversation more relevant to both parties. No time was wasted and a good sales person used it as a leg up on the competition. That was truly direct marketing at its finest.


Excess_thumb-161x300.jpgGarbage In, Garbage Out(GI-GO)

However, this was not always true. If there’s a serious complaint about CRMs, it’s certainly central to data updates. Thanks to cloud hosting providers, it’s a lot easier now to use data technology to help your company grow.


Writing good copy is an example of knowledgeable data users. No matter how hard you try to piece together good copywriting, if the data is bad, then your copy is bad.


If your data is good, great direct marketing copywriting get to the point quickly. Your objective is to get the reader’s attention and attract the reader’s interest, quickly. The copy does not need to sell but to generate immediate interest, such as sending the reader to a website landing page.


In the age of digital marketing via numerous communication channels, people do not hesitate to move on to something else, quickly. Even the fastest and most motivated readers cannot read everything they wish. When you are direct, and your readers know your point immediately, they are more willing to connect with you and eventually make a purchase.


The backbone of Direct Marketing success is fairly simple. Reach your customers in a timely manner with relevant communication, presenting an offer with a product that exceeds their expectations.


Returning to the first paragraph of this article, here are an additional six FREE Direct Marketing tips. Direct marketing is:

  1. a picture of your customers’ buying patterns,
  2. customizing offers for any marketing channel such as direct mail, email or social media,
  3. always increasing the number of responses,
  4. leading to better revenue,
  5. learning what is relevant for each contact,
  6. and adding correct customer information into your CRM.

Thanks for reading and please share my dozen direct marketing tips.


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