Twitter Introduces Filters for your Images

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Twitter Introduces Filters for your Images

Karissa Bell of Mashable shared this new feature for Twitter that is very similar to filters for Instagram. This is available for both iOS and Android and was introduced on Tuesday of this past week.


So how does it work?


  • Open your Twitter app on your mobile device
  • Click to create a tweet
  • Choose the image you want to send
  • The app will add it to the message and say Tap photo to edit (iOS)
  • This will open up the photo in the Edit photo screen
  • You will see 3 options at the bottom – a wand, 3 bubbles, and the crop icon
  • The magic wand lightens the image
  • The 3 bubbles will give you the filter options which include:

    • No filter
    • Radiant
    • Positive
    • Warm
    • Breeze
    • Glow
    • Golden
    • Fame
    • Stark
  • Once you choose a filter, you will be given another option to Tap to change intensity with a scroll bar to adjust as you see fit.
  • The crop icon will allow you to crop the image



*Image borrowed from Article.


And that’s it! Check it out for yourself!


How will your Small Business use this new feature for your images that you share on Twitter?


Read the full article “Twitter’s photo filters just got more like Instagram’s”.

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