Twitter News - Update to "Favorites"

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Twitter News - Update to "Favorites"

Did you hear about the new "Heart" on Twitter? Twitter has been making some updates to its platform to make it easier for users, like the new profile layout, Moments, expanded DM character limit, polls being open to all users.  Needless to say, they are working to improve and make their site/app easier to use.  


The Heart on Twitter is the new "Favorite." I don't know about you, but I never really adopted the favorite as something that I used regularly.  I think it was based off of the wording, it did not seem right from my perspective to mark things all as my favorite.  With the heart, you can express many different things with just the one button/click.  You can say thanks, I like that, I'm with you, I am sorry, and so much more.  See Twitter's announcement tweet below or read more on their blog here.  

You can say a lot with a heart. Introducing a new way to show how you feel on Twitter:

— Twitter (@twitter) November 3, 2015