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Twitter's Solution to Those Who Are Video Production Shy: Vine!

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Twitter's Solution to Those Who Are Video Production Shy: Vine!

Twitter has been one of the most popular avenues for small businesses for quite a while. The quality of summing up your mission, purpose, or thoughts into a few words for your core audience has made a huge impact for entrepreneurs to advertise themselves without spending a dime and seeing legitimate progress from it.


In January of this year,Twitter  provided yet another reason for small business owners to invest their marketing resources in the company.  Their new app called Vine that has already shown itself to be a major benefit for entrepreneurs to have.


Vine is a video-sharing app that allows you to record a 6 seconds video from an iOS phone and upload it to the Twitter website. The app is integrated with Twitter so that one is able to use hashtags and keywords ensuring  that the viewer associates the video with your brand.


Thinking that 6 second is too short? Here are some ideas of what you can do within the 6-second time period:


  1. You can give an elevator pitch for your brand in 6 seconds. A sharp and witty line will be enough to convey what your organization is about.
  2. You can showcase a  a new product or service, and  entice potential customers to learn more.
  3. You can also promote a special discount with a few simple words, and your loyal fan base will respond accordingly.

Here are some great examples of how some brands, both large and small are using Vine to promote their companies!



Petia A. Bradshaw, MBA