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Unleash the Power of Words that Work

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Unleash the Power of Words that Work

Don't create words - look for creative words that work!


There is nothing better than the feeling you get from a marketing campaign exceeding everyone's expectations. Some industry experts refer to it as the "Aha Moment." When it happens, enjoy it as long as you can. OK, time's up.

When you work in the direct marketing business you've probably discovered one of the unique circumstances of marketing, and sometimes the most frustrating, is that there is no single right answer why marketing works, or why it doesn't.

For example, look at the variety of communication tactics we now have to use with direct marketing, traditional and social. There are so many ways to attract the reader's attention and increase response. Response is always very high on your to-do-for-you list.


You may need to develop more creativity

Maybe in a recent test for a marketing campaign, you found that a single word affected the results. The list goes on but these are words that sell. Get in the habit of paying attention to which words attract your own eye as you're scanning direct marketing campaigns, checking email subject lines, even scrolling through text messages.


Some words attract more attention than others.

Words such as: You - Save - Act Now - Guarantee - Discovery - Exclusive - Powerful - Results - Bonus - Compare - Proven - Safety


Getting to the right word

When you look at a sentence, a tweet or the subject line of an email, there are words that jump out at you. It's a good idea to put these words in the beginning or the end of a sentence or paragraph.

Practice placing or exchanging words at these hot locations. With only a second or two to capture the reader's attention, you need the right word in the right place.


Learn speed reading

Some writers work real hard to show the reader how smart they are by using big words. The last thing you need in direct marketing copy is for your reader to stop and look for a dictionary to decipher your code.

For example change the word inoperative to doesn't work, or my favorite: at this point in time to now.

In some instances, you need to use words that are common to the particular industry. But remember, you still need to sell.


Here are a few final ideas...

Save samples of successful direct marketing campaigns from direct mail, emails, display ads, a Tweet or an industry paper that you felt was effective in attracting attention. Save even marketing campaigns created by others that may have caught your eye. Then ask:


What motivates you to set a direct message aside, pitch it or read it immediately?

* Next, if an email caused you to react immediately on the offer, why?

* If a direct mailer used an envelope, was it the size, color or shape of that envelope that attracted you? If it was a post card, what drew your eyes to the copy? Did the design cause you to flip it over? Was there a CTA (call to action) in a display ad?

* If the marketing communication used personalization was it specifically to your needs? Was your name spelled correctly?

* Did you react positively to the style and the tone of the promotion?


Review all your answers, correspondence, and recommendations to find the clues that can unlock a great response to future marketing ideas. Listening is a valuable skill for successful marketers. Using the right words is invaluable - or should that be priceless?


Please share with others. If there are any questions - 815-496-9900.


Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.


Thanks for reading,


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