Updates for Twitter & Instagram!

CTCT Employee

Updates for Twitter & Instagram!

A couple of new things have come out for Twitter & Instagram, have you heard about them yet? 


Twitter now allows you to add your Birthday to your profile.  To add this you have to go to your profile & click "Edit Profile" then below your location and bio you will see the fields to add your birthday.  You can choose to just add the month & day or optional add the year too.  When adding this it also gives you the ability to limit who sees the new information.  Here's what it looks like:  (You can also check out Twitter's blog here for the official announcement.) Make sure to shout out with a #hbd if you see the balloons on someone's profile.  


 twitter birthday.png


Instagram started rolling out 1080 x 1080 images, which means better quality images in your feed!  Take a look at the Verge post here, they seem to have been the first reporters of the updated image size.