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Use The Newest LinkedIn Features and Be More Social

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Use The Newest LinkedIn Features and Be More Social

As Facebook continues to focus most of its energy on upgrading advertising opportunities, LinkedIn has quietly improved the look, feel and efficiency of its all-business platform. And they’re not even done yet! In this post we’ll look at what’s here now and how you can use these features to improve your use of LinkedIn.


First up is the new Notifications feature. This is a major breakthrough towards greater social interaction on LinkedIn. In the past you were not notified when one of your connections had engaged with a post. However, now with the new Notifications icon right up top you can know right away. In the image below you can see the arrow pointing to the flag, which represents the feature. When it’s red you know you have notifications.


LinkedIn Notifications.jpg


This new feature complements something I've often told people who want to get more out of LinkedIn: Be more social!


I’ve always recommended that you should be as social as possible on LinkedIn. On Facebook and Twitter it’s all about being social, but LinkedIn has often felt fairly lonely when it comes to the Updates stream. Most users simply post their update, then go off somewhere else. Yet if you treated your Updates like your In-box where you engage with most of the email that comes in, you’d be a networking powerhouse. Just think how quickly you’d stand out as a giver in your network if you engaged with many of the posts your connections made.


Reciprocation is big in social media. Thus, as you engage with posts from your connections you’ll likely see more interaction with your posts. With notifications you won’t miss that interaction. You’ll be able to reply back and actually start threaded conversations in your Update stream. That’s a beautiful thing that’s been long overdue.


Next up is the Endorsements feature. It’s something like Recommendations light. You can see an image below of the Skills and Expertise section of my profile. Where you see numbers are areas where I’ve been endorsed for that skill or expertise.


LinkedIn Endorsements.jpg


Note that all of those endorsements are unsolicited, which means to me that they are genuine compliments. As you can imagine this is a nice way to engage one of your connections that you’d like to do more business with. Flattery won’t get you anywhere, but it’s a step in the right direction!


To endorse someone just head over to their profile and find their Skills and Expertise section. Then, click on a plus sign next to a specific category that you feel the person has strength in. That will then add you to their list of Endorsers.

They will be notified and you’ll have a happy connection on your hands.


Some people think this endorsements feature is useless noise since it’s such a lightweight action, but I disagree. I think you should take this action with care and sensitivity. Use this opportunity properly to endorse people you know for skills and expertise you are impressed by. Do it that way and it’ll mean much more to the recipient. In turn you’ll probably see yourself being endorsed back in a meaningful way.


Let me know in the comments below how you feel about these new LinkedIn features and whether you have any questions about the platform in general.

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Re: Use The Newest LinkedIn Features and Be More Social

Those linkedin feature has made linkedin more social and people now getting more features to be socialize in their profession related issues.Besides this linkedin groups,forums are also great to participate.

Participating Solution Provider

Re: Use The Newest LinkedIn Features and Be More Social

Yes, you're right about the Groups on LinkedIn. The active ones have a lot of discussion going back and forth and the nice thing for members is that their posts will have a longer shelf life than in the standard Updates field. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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