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Use YouTube Now. Don't Wait Any Longer.

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Use YouTube Now. Don't Wait Any Longer.


On March 20, 2013 YouTube announced on their blog that they had hit 1 billion unique users per month. That’s roughly 1 out of every 2 people on the internet.


In case you thought Facebook was bigger than YouTube, think again. If you think you don’t need a YouTube strategy, think again.


I truly believe that small businesses are vastly under-utilizing YouTube as a tool for presenting their business. I think it’s because small business people believe these statements:


  1. Video is expensive
  2. Video doesn’t have enough ROI to justify the expense
  3. Video needs to be professionally produces, which makes it expensive
  4. No one will watch my video(s)
  5. I have no idea what to put on a video
  6. I cannot present on video

The fact is that all those above statements are true for some people, some of the time. They are not true for all people, all of the time. These days our smartphones are capable of producing a video that can be uploaded immediately to YouTube. I know one person who records golf videos with his iPhone, edits them on the device, then uploads them straight to YouTube.


Yes, you can hire a professional. I have numerous times. But I’ve also posted videos taken with a webcam or a Flip (remember those?). I am a trained communicator, which makes it easier for me to be on camera, but you don’t need to be a pro. You can create slideshows and do voiceovers instead.


If you wanted to get fancy in terms of creating your own videos I’d recommend investing $300 in to a decent portable video camera, which is loads better than the $500 units just a few years ago. Then, get a tripod and some basic lighting (recommendations are easily found on the internet), start shooting and uploading. Break the ice and you’ll find it’s not as difficult as you once thought. You’ll probably also find that you don’t need to be as slick as you think to get viewers.


Ideas for B2C Businesses

Every business that caters to retail customers can post a video every week with updates on special offers, new releases, one of a kind items, and sales. This video could be posted to YouTube, then linked to from your website, newsletter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. You could even text the link to a list. Yes, you can be a broadcast advertiser on YouTube.


Statistics for B2B Businesses

If you are in a B2B business take a look at this infographic on Social Media Today’s blog that has some compelling stats about video.  Don’t these make you think it’s time to get started?


Stop thinking of all the impediments to getting started with video and start thinking about all your competitors who are talking themselves out of it. I did and now have 50+ videos and more than 5,000 views of my Channel. That might not seem like much compared to Psy and the Harlem Shake, but it’s helped me with my business. I regularly get compliments on my videos and people say they feel they know me better. Know is an important element of sales success.


How I Use Video

I use videos I’ve recorded as bonuses for event attendees, ongoing client education, sales messages and alternatives to text blogs. When I’m pinched for time and need to blog I just post a video and write a little something around it. Works great. And this is because video viewership is on the rise and just keeps getting stronger. Soon, if not already, video views online will surpass that of television.


The upshot of this post is this: If you are still holding out on joining the video revolution from the presenter’s side, now is the time to start. Don’t wait any longer. If you have questions about video and how I’ve used it, please post your comments below.

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