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Use YouTube’s Newest Features to Build Subscribers

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Use YouTube’s Newest Features to Build Subscribers

YouTube.jpgMany small businesses will create a single video to promote their products or services and post it up to YouTube, essentially creating a channel. A portion of these understand that a single video is unlikely to cause a breakout on the network and seek to post multiple clips. I’m firmly in the latter camp. And this is why I've created my own YouTube channel.


Once you've created a channel it’s great vehicle to link to from a website, newsletter or social network like Twitter. However, it’s also of value to have regular YouTube users who want to be notifed when you post new video content.


These people are called Subscribers and they have opted in to be notified by subscribing to your channel.


As with followers, likes, connections, etc., the more subscribers the better. YouTube is trying to help channel owners to get more subs with a few new features you should know about and apply to build your subscriber base. Incidentally, none of these are brand new, but I still see a LOT of channel owners not using them.


First up is the new cover image. YouTube gives you a lot of real estate to play with to make a great first impression and entice people to subscribe. Use what you have in glorious color or unexpected black and white to draw people in. Here's my cover image as an example.


YouTube Channel Cover Image.jpg


Here's another example from one of my public speaking coaches, Patricia Fripp. She really uses the space well and has fabulous color in there.


Fripp YouTube Cover Image.jpg


Next is the channel trailer. This video slot is front and center beneath your cover image and its sole purpose is to show visitors why they should subscribe. Note that this video will only be presented to visitors who aren’t yet subscribed. Once they do this video will be invisible. As with the cover image put your best foot forward. Here's how my trailer looks. Pretty simple, but it doesn't need to be fancy. Just focus on good lighting, clean sound and a clear message.


YouTube Channel Welcome Trailer.jpg



Now let us move away from YouTube for a moment to your website. There’s a new button you can place there that invites visitors to subscribe with a click. Chances are you get more visitors to your website than your YouTube channel. Therefore, it makes great sense to let website visitors know that you have a channel.


Here is what that little button looks like on my website.


YouTube Website Subscribe Button.jpg

If you would like to add this button to your website and do not know how, here is an article from Mashable that explains how to do it.


The last new feature brings us back to YouTube and is a more indirect way to build subscribers. In the upper right of the layout is an area where you can feature a few other channels. This is akin to a blog roll and helps you look connected on the network. If those channels you feature are willing to feature you in kind, then it serves as just another way to create exposure and interest in your channel. Just be sure you are working with active channels or this tactic will bear little fruit.


Here is a quick look at what that looks like on my channel. Notice that each channel has handly little Subscribe button right beneath it. 


YouTube Featured Channels.jpg


YouTube presents huge potential for small businesses to reach a larger target audience. Support your effort to employ video marketing with these new features and you’ll surely reach more people.


Please share any tips you have or questions in the Comments section below.

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