Use the Holidays to Reconnect with Old Customers!

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Use the Holidays to Reconnect with Old Customers!

The holiday season presents a frequently overlooked opportunity to reconnect with old customers and clients. Sending a holiday greeting is a way of regaining that "top of mind" status without selling anything. I have personally noticed that year after year my holiday greeting newsletters continue to  be one of the newsletters that get the highest open rates and sometimes responses, which in turn lead to other discussions about what both parties have been doing.


There are over 20 holidays between September and January and this is the time period that must of us consider to the "special holiday season", so why not take advantage of these opportunities to reach out? Want to stand out from the crowd? Send greetings outside of the "usual suspect" group, here are a few examples:


Happy Sending!



Petia A. Bradshaw, MBA
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