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Using Constant Contact as an Online Database for More Than Emails


Using Constant Contact as an Online Database for More Than Emails

So we are a small non profit arts organization. I have been searching for an online database to track things like donors, and ticket buyers as we currently use EXCEL (yes I know - old school - but it's worked for us). As we already pay for Constant Contact, and like many of it's functions, is anyone out there also using CC to track addresses, donors, ticket buyers, board members etc. Seems with lists and tags - CC could just be a great place for us to use as a database. ANY thoughts? Or past practices that anyone else does out there? Any online database systems that partner with Constant Contact? 

CTCT Employee

Re: Using Constant Contact as an Online Database for More Than Emails

Hello Scott, 


With our Contacts Management System we did create it with the thought that some customers might use it as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, with the lists and tags that you mentioned.  Keep in mind though that your pricing in Constant Contact is based off of the number of contacts in your account.  If you are going to use Constant Contact as a database, then you will want to pay close attention to the contacts that you upload with permission to send to them and which ones you do not have permission to send to (we bill based off of the Active contacts that you can send to within your account).  If you are uploading contacts without permission, then you can tag those contacts, but not add them to a list.  


If you are looking for solutions outside of Constant Contact then I would suggest checking out our Marketplace.  We have many different systems listed that can integrate with your Constant Contact account.  ( I would suggest searching for CRM, Contacts or Database to get a good list, or browsing).