Using Video in Social Media Marketing

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Using Video in Social Media Marketing

If we say "video marketing," your mind probably jumps to YouTube. These days, that's not the only place your videos are welcome, and we'd argue it may not be the best place for all of them. Video is a great way to boost engagement and shares, and it isn't just for big brands!


With video-friendly platforms like Vine, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the strategy and process for these videos can be drastically different than your traditional YouTube channel videos.


While YouTube remains an all-too-important part of a business' online marketing mix, these other services open the door for quick, witty, and catchy clips in bite-size amounts. Services like Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat limit your video length while Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for uploading full-length videos if truly necessary. We recommend serving up clips that are 30-60 seconds long. 


Social media users have become expert scrollers, scanners, and skimmers. Your video clips should have an eye-catching title, thumbnail frame, and first 10 seconds of video for those platforms with the option for auto-play.


So, you know you need to add video to your mix, but you aren't sure what kinds of video to create? Here are a few ideas:

• Give a Quick How-To
• Show "A Day in the Life"
• Share an Event
• Answer a Frequently Asked Question
• Product Spotlight

Want to add a little something fun or quirky to your video? Here are a few apps that can help:

Hyperlapse for Instagram can condense your videos for a cool time-lapse effect.
Stop Motion Studio - Android will help you make fun stop motion videos - Gumby, anyone?

8mm - iOS creates old-fashioned videos in real time.
Vintage Retro Camera + VHS - Android a similar old-fashioned camera effect for Android users.

Are you already using videos in your social media marketing? Let us know about it in the comments!

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