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Using email with direct mail may net you a better response

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Using email with direct mail may net you a better response

"Everyone can send an email, but direct mail is something special these days."  DMS-V1101-Inside-Hi-Res_Page_1_Image_0004.png


Yes, direct mail has its place in a small business marketing plan. The Postal Service offers Every Door Direct Mail. Using their tool, you can choose among postal routes based on demographics, then they will deliver to every address on your selected routes. It's ideal for local restaurants, pizza parlors and just about any local business not relying on a list.


What about the business that has a farther reach and their own demographics in a workable database?


I have worked with direct mail for a very long time. One-half of that time was spent using email with direct mail.


When you use email and direct mail together for your company, you get a better response. Yes, there's some work to do in each channel, but you will be rewarded. 


Depending on your customers and prospective customers targeted, you may have a better direct mail list vs. the email list, or just the opposite. Using an email list with a direct mail list will help add to your open rate. 


Here are a few other points to ponder:   


  • Direct mail when used correctly (direct mail is a process of many) will yield an open rate which I would bet is higher than the email open rate. Email is less of a process but messing up one, the list, for example, and you'll pay dearly.  
  • What happens when you put them together in one campaign? Yes, the direct mail is significantly more expensive, but usually yields a better open rate, thus creating more initial awareness to your offer. 
  • Using an email as a follow-up, designed to complement the direct mail piece to maintain your brand awareness, will get stronger recognition. 
  • The email also provides a quicker and easier method to measure response.

I know that multi-channel communications can bring a double-digit response, but with email and direct mail together, what is the expected response rate? 


Since direct mail and email are reliant on delivery of a message, you need to study your returning data from each campaign, and make a change in one process or both. With every passing campaign, you will be rewarded with a better response.  


Thanks for reading and please share - except with your competition.

Mike Deuerling

Marketing Communications Group, Inc.


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