Value Added Selling Matters Use Auto Responders!

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Value Added Selling Matters Use Auto Responders!









1st Power of Videos

Use videos to share information with them. Many entrepreneurs record the session and then use, reuse and repurpose them for future use. The content is still valuable even if you shared it many years ago. Principle and practices can always be improved for them to create more business. You have the strategies answers you can share anytime with your network.


2nd Power of Articles

You may have specific articles that you written and this could be great way to share strategies and tips that could improve certain aspects of their business. This puts you in strategic advantage to have business knowledge that you have that can be important to other business leaders in your network.


3rd Power of conversations

You can share interviews that you have done with successful business leaders in your network via written form or via video. This can be great content to lead them towards an upcoming training program you are doing with them. Leverage of knowledge is great way to show your resources and be an asset to them in the long term.

As you grow your business, you will continue to add content in various ways. These can be repurposed in an effective way to share value with your network and be an ongoing resource to them moving forward

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