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Video Marketing: Instagram vs Vine

Honored Contributor

Video Marketing: Instagram vs Vine

As a marketer, are you beginning to include video marketing in your strategy? If you are, what are you using? Are you utilizing Instagram or Vine? Do you have a preference?


Over at SocialTimes, Dane Atkinson, CEO of SumAll, shared "4 Key Advantages for Video Marketing on Instagram vs. Vine". Read on and decide if you agree or not. Either way, share with us what you think!


  • Instagram has more than 300 million users, while Vine has 40 million. Vine did introduce video first - but once Instagram released their video portion, usage of Vine slowed.
  • Instagram has filters. I don't know about you but I love to go through all the filters offered and find the perfect one to use on my image before sharing? Something that makes it pop! Vine? It doesn't have that feature. What you see is what you get. And that's alright if that's what you want to show.
  • Instagram is owned by Facebook, while Vine is owned by Twitter. Facebook has 5 more times the followers than Twitter and with those kind of numbers it's possible that your reach will be larger.
  • 15 seconds of video vs 6 seconds of video. If you can get your message out in 6 seconds, go for it. But wouldn't it be nice to have those extra 9 seconds to tell your story?

So, let us hear it! What do you prefer? What works for you?