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Volunteer Needed for Design Assistance & Implementation - Emergency Situation

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Volunteer Needed for Design Assistance & Implementation - Emergency Situation

Hello, I do have a rather serious situation here involving my non-profit, therefore I am posting in this nonprofit forum. 3 weeks ago my agency burned to the ground.  We lost all backed up data, that included all design files, writing files, along with all software and hardware.  Myself as the Director and only employee, I do not have design and implementation knowledge for web/email design to get myself above board again in a reasonable amount of time.


I wanted to know if there was Constant Contact Designer or other professional in here that would please consider donating their time with all types of design for me, starting with email design, then forging ahead to revamp/correct my website.  Social media is another big thing that I need to develop.


In return, I am willing to give an individual and/or business the 501c3 nonprofit donation tax write off, for a top dollar amount for a full design/implementation package, plus tutoring me along the way as I can do it.


I am also asking in this if Constant Contact professional services would be willing to make a corporate donation to my charity for the design package/implementation/training.  I would offer the same 501c3 compensation.  I will send you my IRS 501c3 paper upon request to prove my legitimacy and I am willing to even sign a contract agreeing on what services are to be performed.


Please email me directly, Erik, at, and I will fully explain myself and certainly answer any questions that you may have.  I am sorry for feeling as though I had to post this here, but I don't claim to have a true emergency unless there is one, not to mention the financial ruin that it has left me in.


Thank you and please email me at your earliest convenience.  I respect your boundaries or what you can, will, or will not do.  No offense taken.



For a quicker response, contact me directly:
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