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Want Revenue? Commit to Sales

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Want Revenue? Commit to Sales

At SBR, we believe that commitment is the most important word in the English language.  With that in mind, we are also aware that making and keeping commitments can be an incredibly difficult thing to do.  Many factors can affect our ability to commit, such as losing passion, vision and purpose for our product/service, unexpected life events, a competitive marketplace and the lack of current knowledge about our business.


People open a business because they have an idea, an interest, a passion or a skill and so they get certified or licensed. They often fail to realize that to succeed they must also know how to run the entire business, which means they need to structure and master the marketing, the selling, the policies, build a web presence, a database, a newsletter and manage e-mail communication. In the excitement of starting a business, it is difficult to anticipate how much will actually be involved. As business owners, we regularly feel that everything we are trying to accomplish at once is interfering with our ability to actually get business results!


And still there is commitment.  Commitment requires persistence, tenacity and realistic short term action steps because no matter what, a full commitment to you and your product or service is the key to success. 


The Tip:

Making a commitment has three levels:

I should do something,

I want to do something,

I need to do something.

Most commitments are made when we get to the need level, whether that be increased learning, selling or hiring


The Case Study:

In the day to day operations of any business, no matter what else is going on the business owner needs to fill the pipeline and cultivate the relationships necessary to close sales. Time after time I meet with small business owners who say they have no revenue and that business is “really bad.” When I ask them about their sales calls, they answer, "Oh, I hate that part!" I ask, "Well, do you have clients that you worked with in the past?  Can you call them?" Their answer is usually, "I really don't want to.  It seems so sales-y. I know I need to do this, and I want to, but I hate it!" At this pace, their pipeline remains empty, relationships uncultivated.


The Outcome:

Selling requires discipline and consistency. I ask the business owner to create a list of 30 concrete names with contact information to commit to making at least one or two calls a day, and to track the results of those calls. This list should consist of past clients, friends, family, plus new leads.  By committing to make just one or two calls a day, many business owners go from zero sales calls to making 20 to 40 calls a month.  The result is always an increase in sales!


  • How many sales calls are you making each day?
  • What else are you doing to fill your sales pipeline and cultivate business relationships?
  • What do you see as the major issues that prevent you from maintaining commitments?
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Re: Want Revenue? Commit to Sales

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