Want to Stay Top of Mind with Customers? Get into Email Marketing

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Want to Stay Top of Mind with Customers? Get into Email Marketing



You may know Jacqui Davis as the face of Virtually Here. She has been working with Constant Contact to generate top email marketing results for clients since founding Virtually Here in 2010. She was awarded Constant Contact’s 2015 All Star Award for Solution Providers and this year she achieved their Master Certification. In this interview Jacqui breaks down promoting your business via email.


Virtually Here: Why did you start using Constant Contact?


Jacqui Davis: I started using them when Virtually Here first opened —they were really well known for email marketing and they’re local—in Waltham Massachusetts.


They do all in one—not just email marketing but you can integrate it with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can run event registrations and take payments, do polls and take surveys, you can do auto responders. It really does everything, soup to nuts, instead of having different software for everything.


VH: What’s an ideal mix of email marketing?


Jacqui: Having a mix of content that’s yours and then incorporating other voices and sources–so you aren’t trying to sell all the time. You’re actually giving customers information that they can use and that shows you as an industry leader.


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