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Want to get media attention? Look for that 1 great story

CTCT Employee

Want to get media attention? Look for that 1 great story

For a non-profit, getting media coverage is a great gift. To try to keep up appearances and make a story that is going to get attention, you might have to dig deep. This recent article on Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog describes how one nonprofit looked deep into their organization to find that story that would resonate.  Here are a few things to keep in mind for your next media push: 


  • A story can come from anywhere, ask around!  From your employees to your volunteers, there is something there that is "newsworthy."
  • Have one person compile your story.  You do not want too many cooks in the kitchen. 
  • Think about the audience you want to get to, and distribute the story accordingly.  The nonprofit in the article chose to bring the story exclusively to one journalist, and this worked in their favor. 

I love this quote from the article - "A man walking a dog is not news, but a dog walking a man? That's news." Keep this in mind the next time you are trying to get media attention.