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Want to say hello

New Member

Want to say hello

My name is Kim and I have been using CC for a couple months.  Want to max my benefit from the tool.  We are a Professional Training company who builds classses primarily from word-of-mouth referral.  Has anyone used the SaveLocal tool?  What did you learn?  Any thoughts back would be so very welcome.

CTCT Employee

Re: Want to say hello

Hi Kim,

  Welcome to Contact Contact!  Hope you've been having great experiences so far.  SaveLocal is definitely a tool that can work for you business model, we designed it from the ground up to be a referral engine to drive word-of-mouth from your current customer base through social media to engage new customers. 

  The deals that are most successful in going viral and obtaining new customers are ones where the offer is attractive to both new and existing customers.  giving an incentive to your most loyal fans (which can be done with both the deal itself and the built-in share bonus) in return for them spreading your deal among their friends and contacts, who are likely to be within your target demographic, can be a very powerful marketing message.

  Our coaches have worked with tons of different types of businesses to craft successful deals.  The best deals are also modeled toward each specific business' needs and processes.  If you send me a message with a good time to talk, I'd love to have a member of our team give you a call and learn some more about your business so we can make sure your first deals are maximised for success.  Thanks,


Jim Wulfson

SaveLocal Coach

Jim Wulfson
SaveLocal Coach