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Ways to Be Happier at Work

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Ways to Be Happier at Work

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Let's all try this quick little ways to make ourselves happier at work. Remember you get back what you put out into the world!  I honestly notice that when I'm happier so is everyone around me.


  1. Take a "quiet minute" each morning. Give yourself 60 seconds where you're not thinking about anything. Nothing work related, just let your brain relax.
  2. Smile more frequently. This one is an easy one. Smiling is contagious. Smile at everyone you see and you'll be surprised at how many people smile back.
  3. Give yourself more credit. Even if what you accomplish is minor, take some time to appreciate that you did what you set out to do. 
  4. Celebrate when you learn something. It's great to really focus on how you took the time to learn something new and we can all learn something new every day.
  5. Enjoy human nature. Choose to be amused rather than irritated at others.
  6. Say thanks those who do thankless tasks. I'm not sure if I agree that the call center staff or the janitors are doing thankless tasks. But some people at your job may not get the thanks they deserve every day. I work the shift into the evening here and I see the janitorial staff. They empty my trashcan every night. And I take those 5 seconds to say "Hi" and "Thank you". When I pass them in the hall on the way out, I always say "Have a good night" and "See you tomorrow". I like to think that they appreciate that.

What little things do you do every day that makes you happier at work? Share with us here!


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