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We Salute You, Small Businesses!

Honored Contributor

We Salute You, Small Businesses!

I found this amazing article last week while I was perusing Google Search for anything on Small Business WeekSalute to Small Business.JPG to share with you.  And let me tell you, I feel exactly the same as Rhonda Abrams from USA Today.  We should celebrate Small Business every day, not just for one week out of the year.  We don’t need a special week to tell you how invaluable you are.  I’m sure you don’t need convincing as to what you contribute to the economy, but I want to share some figures that Rhonda shared in her post.


Per the Census Bureau there are:

  • 6 million employees of companies with 1-4 employees
  • 6.9 million employees of companies with 5-9 employees
  • 8.5 million employees of companies with 10-19 employees
  • 21 million businesses with no employees

These numbers show how many people are not in unemployment lines because of small businesses.


I wanted to take this moment to thank you for all that you do, for improving your local community, and keeping food on people’s tables.  You make a huge difference in our world!

To read Rhonda’s full article, check out “Strategies: Smallest of businesses can have a huge impact


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