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We're Celebrating You, Small Businesses!

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We're Celebrating You, Small Businesses!

Small Business Week 2015.png



Since 1963, every President has signed a proclamation into effect so that Small Business Week is celebrated. Being held the first week in May this year (May 4-8, 2015) all Small Businesses are invited to participate. This year’s theme is “SBA: Dream Big, Start Small.” That really hits the nail on the head so to speak doesn’t it? As a Small Business owner, you may have started small but you had big dreams!  I hope that you are making your dreams come true.  And this week we honor you!


Over at the U.S. Small Business Administration website, you can learn about how the SBA is celebrating National Small Business Week this year. If you’re on Twitter, follow along to the hashtag #SBW2015 and join in on the conversation! View videos of past Small Business Weeks on the website like the one below from last year! (Plus check out the cameo from our own CEO Gail Goodman!)


Share the story of your small business here. When did you know you should start a business? What obstacles and achievements have you seen over the years? What knowledge can you impart to those that are just starting their journey?


Tell us all about your small business! Let’s all celebrate you together!


*Follow this thread to find out all that is going on during Small Business Week 2015!