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What Attracts People to Your Facebook Page?

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What Attracts People to Your Facebook Page?



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See What Attracts People to Your Facebook Page

By:  Mikal E. Belicove


 It's very important to know how to work your Facebook Page. It's more than just putting content on there. You really want to know if they're looking at it and where exactly they are spending time when they visit your page.


Mikal E. Belicove gave us 4 takeaways from EyeTrackShop's survey findings.


The wall on all brand page attracts almost all respondents' gazes.

What you post does matter.  As long as you're constantly providing great content, it will be read.


Walls also attract the viewer's attention for the longest amount of time.

Belicove suggests working in reverse chronological order and this way you can increase the reader's want to read down your page.  He also suggests referencing past updates so that they are indeed compelled to scroll.


Small pictures get attention, as 85 percent of those surveyed look at the smaller pictures just above the wall.

Your pictures should be relatable to your audience and they should quench their need that they have.


Three quarters of viewers look at the larger picture of the brand's prodcut.

Your profile picture is your calling card.  You want it to something that your fans can identify with and want to look at. 


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