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What Does Your Woops Page Look Like?

Honored Contributor

What Does Your Woops Page Look Like?

                                                        Network for Good Logo.JPG


Caryn Stein, from Network for Good, found this great OOPS! video from Save the Children's website.  She states that "Great nonprofit websites go the extra mile to integrate their unique brand personality and call to action into every aspect -- even error messages!"


Save the Children does several things right with their error message experience:


  • They take responsibility for the error -- by blaming it on the web intern. Poor web intern!
  • They use humor to make the visitor feel good about the organization.
  • They provide other suggestions for what to do next -- donate or find what you're looking for in the search bar.
  • They make the message on-brand by featuring an adorable star.
  • Bonus: they take the opportunity to call attention to their donate button.

 Enjoy the video below and let us know what you do on your website to show your brand personality!


Check out Caryn's full post "Make Your Nonprofit Website a Positive Experience - Even When Things Go Wrong"