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What Makes for a GREAT Email Marketing Campaign?

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What Makes for a GREAT Email Marketing Campaign?

You’ve designed a great looking email. It’s mobile responsive, complements your website perfectly, has a strong call-to-action, and incorporates all the standard best practices for email marketing. If you say so yourself, your email looks very nice! That’s a great start, but are you getting the results you want? Hopefully the answer is a resounding YES, but if not, keep reading for an overview of how a few of our clients met or exceeded their goals with GREAT email marketing campaigns.





A traditional organization has expanded into online ecommerce and has the need to promote their new online shopping experience. They have a two-fold approach, engage directly with the customer and encourage their staff to promote the experience.


Our approach was simple. Design a fun, uplifting, interactive experience for their team members. By including contests to win prizes for the most referrals, special promotion offers and helpful tips to use along the way, their team is fully onboard with promoting their new online shopping experience.


Our CEO was so excited with the results. She just loved that the email was so interactive and fun!”






online survey.jpgOverview
A consulting firm who provides face-to-face and on-line training has developed an award-winning eLearning training series for employees of large organizations. Their goal is to utilize email marketing to generate leads for sales of the program.


We worked with our client to create a single question ‘poll’ to identify the pains of their audience relative to the training series being promoted. The process was simple. Answer one question and receive a free interactive demo of the actual product. The demo contained enough content to demonstrate how easily their teams would benefit from the training. This was a two-step approach. The first campaign focused fully on the poll, the second touch was included as part of the monthly newsletter.


Using the survey function to create the ‘poll’ enabled us to ask readers to enter their contact information to receive their free demo. We then provided the client with the list of individuals who requested the demo. By following up with these quality leads in a timely fashion, the client was able to move these subscribers right into their sales funnel, all the while receiving valuable input on their clients’ needs.


The end result was that 5.1% of those who opened the email requested a free demo and thus entered the sales funnel. The organization was very pleased with the percentage of leads and with the ability to quickly identify and act upon the leads.






thought leader.jpgOverview
We have the opportunity to work with an individual who is truly a thought leader in his industry. The goal is to use email marketing to build the relationship and trust of an engaged community to support future sales of a book.


This approach is unique, but very fitting for this thought leader. All content, every single word, is 100% his perspective and is provided with no strings attached. Every month an article with a unique perspective on life is shared with his audience. When the time comes to promote the book, his audience will know exactly what to expect. They will receive quality, thought-provoking content that will have an impact on how they view life. This client understands the value of first building the relationship with his audience and the value of the soft sell.


The testimonial is in the numbers! With a consistent open rate of 43% (73% above industry average) and a click rate (41%) that is five times (500%) the industry average of 8.2%, this client will very likely achieve his goals with the sale of his upcoming book.



These are just a few examples of the many ways to achieve true engagement with your audience. We will share additional client scenarios focused on increased sales, community awareness and branding in an upcoming blog. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what email marketing strategies have worked best with your clients.



Be creative. Be bold. Engage with your Audience!

Linda D'Angelo
The Small Biz Shop
Master Certified Solution Provider
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