What Posts Dominate on Facebook?

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What Posts Dominate on Facebook?




Are you on Facebook?  How is your engagement?  Socialbakers.com examined posts from about 30,000 brands on Facebook and this is what they found....Photos are the number 1 most engaged posts. Does that surprise you?




75% is a big difference over a link being shared which garnered 10% of the total.  Of course, anyone can share images, but they need to be relevant to what your business is about.  Here on our Facebook page, we live by the 80/20 rule.  80% is about our customers, 20% about us. 


What works for you?


To read the full post, check out "Photos Are Still King on Facebook".

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Re: What Posts Dominate on Facebook?

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

The 80/20 rule is an excellent measure. Too many people sell-sell-sell and then wonder why no one comments or shares their posts.

To keep more activity in the 80% side, I consistently share success stories about my clients. These are NOT hidden sales pitches by sharing only successes because of me; but more about them and their business. If they received an award, or introduced something new or hired someone or something else newsworthy about them.

The more I brag about my customers through my network, the more they want to keep working with me, and then they brag about me through their network.


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