What are Your Summer Marketing Plans?

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What are Your Summer Marketing Plans?

During the summer is an excellent time to start planting your seeds and watch them grow for the Fall and holiday season. Many of us will be attending various social networking events throughout the summer.  Today, we will live in a social society of building relationships and developing trust which takes time and effort. It is essential to continue with your marketing strategies through out the summer months.  Keep in mind " Out of Sight Out of Find". You don't want your current clients or customers and prospects to forget who you are or taken by your competitors. Even know it is summer time business still needs to march on and continue moving forward. 



 Email Marketing Strategies 

  • Are you currently using a professional online email marketing company for your business or nonprofit organization? 
  • Why use a professional email marketing company? Gives your company accreditation as a professional business or nonprofit organization.
  • Creates brand awareness with reinforcement.  Generates revenue and profit. Drives repeat business. 
  • Consistent communication with current clients/customers and prospects.
  • Educate consumers on the values of your products and services. 
  • Offer a special summer promotion on a Tuesday or Wednesday during the week to help increase foot traffic.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Communicate customer expectations by setting the tones of how many emails per month will be sent out to them. 
  • Coordinate a strategy meeting with your employees and create a marketing calendar for the third and fourth quarter. 
  • Write weekly blogs by educating consumers.
  • Share newsletters, announcements and events across social media platforms.

Steps in Building a Healthy Email List Efficiently

  • Review your database and reach out to clients/customers you have not touched base with in awhile. This is an excellent project for a college summer intern project. Ask the client/customer join your email list.
  • Exchange business cards and asking the person for permission in signing up for your email list.
  • Train your employees by asking for email addresses when someone calls on the phone or in person. This can be a difficult task at times. 
  • Provide a sign-up sheet with a traditional pen and paper at local events or on store or restaurant counters. 
  • Create direct mail marketing campaign with postcards utilizing the "Every Day Direct Mail" program. Include a QR code with " Join My Email List" link.
  • Be sure to create a button on your website " Sign up for Our Email List" have the link embedded behind the scenes.

 Social Media Tips

  • Keep all of your social media profiles updated across all platforms. 
  • Be sure to keep a clean and concise LinkedIn profile. 
  • A profile picture should have a " happy smiling face". Let's face it who wants to build a business relationship with a sourpuss profile picture. 
  • Join LinkedIn and Facebook groups. An excellent way to build business relationships and demonstrate your expertise. 
  • Share business articles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. A great way to build business relationships. 
  • Do you currently have a " Business Facebook page"? 
  • A Business Facebook page should have a business logo and a background picture. 
  • Post only current information to create engagement with people. 
  • Monitor all social media postings and respond back to people with professional comments.
  • How do you handle negative comments? My best advice is turning a negative situation into a positive experience.  Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and try our best each day.  Maybe offer some type of compensation for example $10.00 off your next order, a 15 minute complimentary consultation or complimentary shipping on a future product. 

Do not forget to take some personal time off to relax and rejuvenate your body. We all need a mental break from conducting business and give our brain a chance to process everything and recharge it to be refreshed and crisp. 


DSC_0055 (profile-portrait_constant_contact_blog.jpgCheryl Henchar, is the founder of Cheryl's Creative Services.  Cheryl is an educational speaker on educating small to medium size business and nonprofit organizations the values of email marketing and integrated online marketing tools.  Cheryl is an Authorized Local Expert speaker and certified with Constant Contact. Cheryl hosts a variety of educational seminars and webinars for various organizations such as local chambers, Rotary Clubs, libraries and private organizations. If your organization would like to schedule a complimentary seminar. Please contact Cheryl at (203) 249-0487 or by email.


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Re: What are Your Summer Marketing Plans?

These are all great ideas. Many clients either go away  or slow down their activities, especially if they are a small business dealing with vacations etc.. Summer is a great time to get organized before the fall when the rush to the end of the year begins.

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Re: What are Your Summer Marketing Plans?

"Every Day Direct Mail" seems to be a little bit aggressive strategy, right?

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