What can I do with Facebook's CTA button?

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What can I do with Facebook's CTA button?


Back December Facebook announced a new feature. It’s a CTA (call to action) button. You’re probably asking what is it and how can it help me using Facebook for my business. Here it is!


When designing anything to market your business you need to have a call to action. This means giving your market a way to reach you right away for more information or better yet, to buy. This could be a phone number, a visit to the store, a link (or a QR code) to a landing page, email address, or even a live chat. The ideas are limited by your imagination.


Why use the new CTA button on Facebook? With the new algorithms on Facebook our business posts are not reaching your fans like they used to. It’s a pay for play world now. The new CTA button can help with that missing engagement.


Before the CTA button you had to configure an app on your page. Problems with an app is that they can be hard to find (you only have 4 tabs to show; anything else has to be found under the “more” tab). They also don’t show on a mobile phone. Why is that important? According to The Verge 30% of Facebook user only use their phones to log in.


Now you get the idea behind a CTA, here are the choices when setting up a CTA on Facebook and what you can do with them:


Book now: Allow your fans to schedule an appointment or book a reservation.


Contact us:  Send them to your contact page on your website or if you’re a brick and mortar store give them a map to your location.


Use app: send your visitor to your app download page (remember: 30% of them are using their phone to access facebook).


Play game: Do you have a game you created? Have people get to the game directly from your page.


Shop now: You can give a direct link to your sale page from your eCommerce store.


Sign up: If you’re not using a designed widget for your email communication system this is an easy way to get people to sign up for your newsletters or promotional email blasts. You can also use it to get people to sign up for your webinars or ebooks.


Watch video: Great way to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. Make sure you update and change often to keep getting people to come back.

At this time you can only use one CTA at a time (unless you go back to the older way and have a custom tab). You also can’t customize the buttons. You are stuck with what Facebook has set up.


A useful feature that would be nice to have is to have the Contact Us dial your phone when you’re using Facebook from your phone. But, you can always direct them to your mobile responsive website and they can call from there.


Just as you modify your call to action on a regular basis take the time to also modify your cover photo. Keep that updated to reflect (and notify) of the newest call to action. Your cover photo should be updated about once a month anyways.


It will be interesting to see where this new feature takes businesses. I hope Facebook grows this neat tool to something bigger.


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