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What does a printing company have to offer?

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What does a printing company have to offer?

Hi all! My name is Abby and I am the E-Marketing Coordinator at Mennonite Press in Newton, KS! We print for companies and individuals all over the United States and have been in business since 1902! We are very excited to be celebrating 110 years of business next year!


We have been using CTCT since about February and are only on our 4th newsletter blast. If you have any tips/hints/comments/suggestions I would appreciate it!


Also, what would you find interesting to know from a printing company? We print books all the time! How do you feel about a book of the month? We also know a lot about upcoming events due to prinitng brochures/flyers/posters. Have a calednar with those events listed? What about tips on how to integrate new technology into printing materials, like QR Codes?


Thanks in advance for all your suggestions! :smileyface:

Abby Kelley
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Re: What does a printing company have to offer?

Hi Abby!


Thanks for introducing yourself! You have great ideas and I am a HUGE fan of books! :smileyface:  You can share your newsletter in our Critique My Email board to get feedback from your peers!  I'm so glad you came over after talking on Twitter!


Have a fabulous Friday and Weekend!  And Welcome to Your Community!

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Re: What does a printing company have to offer?

Hi Abby,


Congratulations on being part of a company that is over 100 years old.  Your best suggestions for content are going to come from your customers - what do they want to hear about from you?  I'm always a little uneasy with the term 'email blast', because a Constant Contact newsletter or email campaign can serve up targeted, interesting content - that's what will keep your customers engaged with your company.


Start with segmenting your customer/subscriber base and develop newsletter content or email versions to match.  Lots more to this - hope this simple suggestion helps.  If you'd like to discuss further, please contact me or send me a note.





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Re: What does a printing company have to offer?



We are attempting to share a monthly book on our "Off the Shelf" forum - but your participation there could likely enhance this area a lot.  Suggestions, ideas and comments would be much appreciated there as right now people are reading our posts there but apparently not inspired to participate in the conversation... are we too business focused on that board? Should we be asking others to post their book suggestions and we'll read what they want us to?


What do you think about how we might make this area more exciting?

Rosalind Morville