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What is Email Marketing and How Do I Get Started?

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What is Email Marketing and How Do I Get Started?


For a lot of people “What is Email Marketing and How Do I Get Started” is a perplexing question and one that needs to be answered. In case you’ve missed it email marketing should be an integral part of marketing your business. Have you seen or read about how much money people are making using email marketing? Email marketing is a fairly simple platform to use and gets a great response rate.


Through our work over the last 9 years we have made more money for our clients with email marketing than any other medium. In addition to doing buffet style email marketing for our clients I also teach email marketing to business owners who cannot afford my services.


As for a definition for email marketing, that was not so easy. I looked at Wikipedia, Webster’s and a few other resources and could not find one. I’m not sure why I can’t find a definition for email marketing so here’s my definition:


Email marketing uses email as the medium to showcase a business, a business’ logo and the business owner’s knowledge about their industry.  Email marketing gives the business owner a platform to offer an opportunity for the reader to connect to the sender’s social media platforms, i.e., ctct_solution_provider_platinum_vertical.jpgFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.  Email marketing also give the business owner tools to created or curated content and videos. Through this process the business owner can collect email addresses too.


In essence email marketing allows a business owner to reach out to readers in a professional manner, sharing interesting and relevant content with their readers. When email marketing is done correctly the business grows. We have seen more and more businesses grow through the use of email marketing than with any other marketing platforms. 


When you use a company like Constant Contact not only will you get top-notch templates and the option of a website matched email template, but also the ability to know what people are reading and reacting to within your email.  It would take me several hours to explain all the benefits of email marketing, but there is a way to “test drive” email marketing and I’ll tell you how in a few minutes.  If you want to research email marketing a many other social media topics you can go to Constant Contact’s blog, help articles or videos.


So how do you get your email marketing kicked off and get into this awesome marketing space?  It is fairly simple.  First you’ll need an email marketing system.  Make sure you use an email marketing system rather than a plain email system like Gmail or MSOutlook.  Email marketing systems give you access to business building tools that you don’t have with Gmail, MSOutlook, etc. These platforms were not made for email marketing campaigns, therefore they are limited in their ability to do successful email marketing.  As you can imagine, I am biased toward Constant Contact.  In all fairness I know more about Constant Contact than anything else.  Besides, I took all the training and exams to become a local expert, so here it goes. 


You can start email marketing in three easy steps. I can explain them to you but instead let me show you a slide from one of my presentations. This is a Constant Contact originated slide and it sums up how to start email marketing in three easy steps.


Getting Your Business on the Digital Superhighway - 3 Simple Steps Slide.jpg


By far the hardest step I’ve found for Constant Contact users is step #2.  For some reason pushing the send button is difficult for most people.  Maybe we should call it the money button and see if it helps motivate people to make money.


The 3 Simple Steps to Getting Started with Email Marketing are 1. Get your list, 2. Create and send your first campaign (don’t worry too much about this one, Constant Contact’s customer service can help you with this) then 3. Watch and see the reaction you get from your first email campaign and do more of what works. The biggest thing that you want to do is hit the money (send) button. After that button is engaged, incredible things will start happening.


Hopefully this article gives you a better idea of what email marketing is and how to get started. Do you want in on a deal?  Constant Contact is offering 30% their products for 3 months when if you sign up before 3/31/16. That’s 30% off your first three months of Constant Contact, but only if you use this link, START MY CONSTANT CONTACT TODAY with this code: 30MARCH. Welcome to the world of email marketing. Not ready to go full steam ahead, but want to try email marketing? Test drive email marketing for 60 DAYS FOR FREE, just click on START MY TEST DRIVE and you’re ready to go. Give it a try!



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