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What is considered a good percentage for survey responses?

CTCT Employee

What is considered a good percentage for survey responses?

A nonprofit in today's Constant Contact live nonprofit webinar had this question so I wanted to share it with all of our nonprofit community members. 
What is considered a good percentage for responses?  IE is 10% considered good?  higher, lower?

A good response rate for all types of survey across all industries is about 20%. But it can go all the way up to an average of 50% if you use the best practices we talked about in the webinar today – including having a short focused survey on one topic, send it only to the people that will find it relevant, tell recipients how long it will take to complete (should be 5 minutes or less), and how providing feedback will benefit them. The key to getting higher participation is to review the feedback and reply to your audience letting them know what you learned and any actions you’re planning as a result. Once they know you’re listening they will be much more likely to complete your future surveys.


Caroline Shahar
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