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What is extremely important in your marketing content?

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What is extremely important in your marketing content?

Try these few energizing ideas on your next writing project.

Some writers can get hung-up on the headlines and sub-heads of content. If this sounds like you, try this idea on your next writing project.

Once the copy is close to completion, and even proofed, easy-to-follow headlines become easier to write. Recap your text in short and frequent summary blocks which are easier on the eye. Then back for the final proof.


Somehow these headlines appear right before your eyes!

Make sure your readers understand your offer, know what they are buying, and are not intimidated by the copy. Unless your readers understand your entire message, the tedious hours of selecting just the right words and making sure you are concisely communicating can go to waste.

Since the world is getting smaller it is a good idea to know where the message is going. Even in the US, different regions can use different words or slang or how words are grouped.

Speakers may regularly say; “It’s me/him/them/us, for example, but in writing they tend strongly to prefer It’s I/he/they/we.”Hybrid-stock-car.jpg

Keep the receiver in mind at all times. After all, that’s who you are trying to impress.


If you like the idea of having more money in the bank –

Headlines are vital to the success of any promotional copy, but it’s especially important for direct marketing. Good headlines are like money in the bank!

For more information on writing headlines, read “Seven Easy to Write Headlines that Sell” on our Direct Marketing Communications and Management website (DMCM).


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