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What millennials want - and how they give!

Honored Contributor

What millennials want - and how they give!

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Katya reports on some key points from the 2012 Millennial Impact Report ( I didn't even know there was one of those) that show that 70% of people aged 20-35 have fundraised for their favorite cause and 75% do donate, though in only small amounts.


Here is the infographic she shared on her site:


2012 Millennial Impact.JPG 


Some key points are:


  • Millennials give for emotional reasons & like to "give in the moment"
  • Most prefer to learn about nonprofits via their websites. They also learn from your social media and e-newsletters
  • 81% prefer to hear about volunteering opportunities from their peers


Check out the rest of the article at "What millnnials want - and how they give" on Katya's Non-profit Marketing Blog!