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What's the best way to get past donor / message fatigue?

CTCT Employee

What's the best way to get past donor / message fatigue?

Here is a question from Constant Contact's live nonprofit webinar - Nonprofit Newsletters That Engage.  


My organization is fighting donor fatigue and maybe 'message fatigue' - really need to focus on getting existing supporters to recruit others. What's the best way to get past the fatigue? We only have a 10% open rate. Is once a week too much if it is informational only and not a pitch for money? A benefit of sending supporters a regular newsletter that is informational is it empowers them to be informed about your organization and be able to spread the good word. However, it’s hard to have an engaging and empowering newsletter that they are going to want to share without knowing why they are connected to your organization. We talked about giving your subscribers a simple survey to find out why they are connected to your organization, easy segment supporters, and have different versions of the newsletter that has only the content each supporter group will be most interested in. Just asking supporter’s their opinions and preferences can greatly increase engagement and connection.  


Frequency is one of the top reasons why people unsubscribe from emails. Send at a frequency that you can keep up with new, interesting, relevant content. If you are sending content that isn’t fresh, interesting and relevant, even if you are only sending monthly, I can understand why you’re open rate is low. Let your content drive your frequency. Add links into your newsletter to find out in your clicks report what people are clicking on and let that drive the content you include. There are two decisions with frequency: 1) How often can we keep up with fresh, interesting, relevant content and 2) it comes down to your supporters. Some supporters might be fine with a weekly newsletter. Others will want monthly. Use your sing up forms to let people select the frequency they prefer – “Weekly updates”, “Monthly Newsletter”, etc.  Let the subscriber choose their frequency. 

Caroline Shahar