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What’s your SEO Results Score?

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What’s your SEO Results Score?

{Read length: 4.8 mins} Results of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be scored as a sum of three values:

  1. What's your SEO Results Score | Vikram Rajan | RaviateHow high you rank (top of the 1st page, etc.),
  2. How often you come up (in different ways, dominating & drowning anything you don’t want), and
  3. How eye catchy you are when displayed on Google (Bing, Yahoo, etc.).


Ranking #1 on the 1st page is what most people think of as the goal of SEO. By now you know, the way to the top of a Search Engine Results Page isn’t a straight line. The secret sauce (algorithm) is purposely guarded, nuanced, and is constantly changing. However, SEO marketing experts agree that 3 methods will boost your ranking:

  • Frequent updates to your website, e.g., new pages with at least 300 words, including blog articles;
  • Keyword-rich content & metadata written for humans (not “SEO bots” which, ironically, are reading more and more like humans, thanks to artificial intelligence), and best of all:
  • “Backlinks” from high-ranking websites (like media, influential bloggers, and social networks).


However, coming up as #1 on Google may not be good enough to win over potential clients. You may not be clicked on or be seen as the obvious choice if you only come up 1 time. Google yourself, or the keywords that describe your practice: What do you see? Who is displayed more often, in more ways? Who dominates many or the majority of the 10 spaces available. (Plus, they may also pay to be displayed in the ads.)


How can you come up multiple times? Your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other profile pages may be 4 listings right there! If they aren’t coming up, maybe you haven’t filled out all the info required. Or. maybe you need to post better blog articles.Each profile page may outrank your website listing. This happens often, especially if your website lacks an updated blog. Have you been quoted in the media, or by-lined any published articles?


These are the easiest ways to come up when your name is Googled. This may be very important if you have a common name. Achieving multiple search listings is a bit more difficult for other relevant keywords; make sure your profile pages & blog articles feature them.


Have you seen images or videos come up when you Google your (business) name or other keywords? This and other “Rich Snippets” put you over the top for your SEO results score. In short, “rich snippets” are structured data that Google, Bing & other search engines use to show listings in very eye catchy ways. See for yourself with these examples:

  • Your Google+ page comes up as “a card” on the right hand side,
  • Your bio or About page may be listed as a sub-page of your website listing,
  • Reviews & ratings ★★★★★ stars are added next to your name, by Yelp, Avvo, or Raviate.


For each of the values listed in the first paragraph, score yourself on scale from 1 to 10 (for each keyword you want to optimize): Give yourself a 10 if you rank #1 (sure, even for your name). Give yourself another 10 if you come up at least 6 out of the 10 spots. Focus on the keywords potential clients may be researching. Remember to go Incognito or private in your browser to avoid biased results based on past searches or email login.


Give yourself a third 10 if at least 2 of the entries are eye catchy with “rich snippets.” Full disclosure: I co-founded Raviate to boost your SEO Results Score through testimonials, especially in this third way. Through diligence and focus, you can grow to a perfect 30 SEO points in the next few months. If you want a quick assessment, I’d be happy to suggest some improvements for you; email me.

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