What to do after Small Business Saturday

CTCT Employee

What to do after Small Business Saturday

shopsmall.jpgWhile Small Business Saturday is a great day for all Small Businesses, there is more to Small Business than just this one day, right?  The whole goal of Small Business Saturday is to get people in the door, but you also want to deliver an experience that makes them come back for more! 


Take some of the lessons you have learned from Small Business Saturday and explore them throughout the whole year.  Shopping small is not just for one day, it is a year-long movement!


If you are not already, start talking with your peers, this can mean networking but also coming together to find a way to get people to you.  Join organizations or find some local businesses and see if they are willing to meet up, it doesn’t need to be formal it just needs to happen.  When you work together you can accomplish more than just one person!


What did you/your organization do for Small Business Saturday?  Share your stories here.  We want to hear it all, triumphs, struggles, what you would do different, and anything else you want to share!  Make sure to also share your #SmallBizSelfie this week to show your support for your favorite local business.