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What to do in August

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What to do in August

While your competitors are taking summer vacations and kicking back, August gives you the opportunity to stand apart with new marketing, planning and strategizing about the rest of the year.


  • Just as business might be slow for you in August, it might also be slow for your customers. Take the initiative to august_calendar02.jpgreach out to them and meet for lunch, deepen the relationship and learn more about their businesses.
  • Use downtime to refine your marketing plan:
    • What are your goals?
    • What is your message?
    • What new product or service will you introduce?
    • What new customer segment will you target?
    • What new marketing tools will you use?
    • What current marketing tools will you improve?
  • Social media requires thought and planning so that it becomes an effective complementary tool to your sales efforts. What's your strategy?
  • Study your competitors' websites, internet presence and marketing material to find out what they do well and where you're able to stand out.
  • Give thought to using an email newsletter to stay in touch with your audience -- a cost-efficient way to stay top-of-mind of people who don't need your business now, but might in the future.  It's also ideal for staying in touch with referral sources.
  • If you're a retailer, identify layout, adjacencies, signage and upselling opportunities.
  • A Google AdWords campaign could lead to an increase in phone calls from prospects seeking your services.  Explore this complex, yet powerful tool.

Many of these tasks can be accomplished in your downtime. While vacations are crucial to maintain balance in life, giving serious thought to your marketing is crucial to the success and growth of your business.  Pour yourself a tall cool drink and treat yourself to an afternoon retreat to improve your marketing!


What will you do in August?




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