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What to do with Disruptive Advertising.

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What to do with Disruptive Advertising.



Nothing - stay focused on your customer base. Let other companies deal with disruptive advertising.


Summertime brings us the warmth we started craving since the first snowfall of the past winter. A spring siting of the first tulips poking out of the snow alerts us summer is close to returning. The first leaf changing color in the fall, announcing summer is over. Mother Nature always throws in a few surprises along the way.


This year was no exception. Shortly after the heavy spring rains, there was flooding. The standing water ushered in the pesky mosquitoes. They only had one goal. To find a few tasty people to bite.


People without their mosquito repellent handy, such as me, began to pay for their forgetfulness. It was apparent the mosquitoes in our garden were trained to hone in on areas of the body that no human could ever reach.  


Here is the real pest.

Another type of pest emerged in early spring. This pest began spreading throughout the Internet. Popup ads began spreading quickly and attaching their web code on just about every web page known to man and woman. 


The digital ad agencies can't sell enough of these ads. Three months ago I was searching online for a gas powered hedge trimmer. I bought one after I completed my search. Now, I still get popup's ads from various suppliers.


I bet you also see plenty of these popup ads as you navigate the web. They always appear on any other site my fingers can take me. 


I imagine anyone who has not upgraded their computer or smart phone, hate them even more. Popup ads can really slow down older equipment.


Know Your Buyer's Journey. 

Who are the winners in this digital ad placement? Not the people who visit the websites for information or make a purchase. They hate these **bleep** ads. However, the digital ad agencies, are raking in the cash. (Sorry. No offense intended.)


What we have here is another form of a disruptive marketing model. You know, when ads are placed based on communication channels such as television and radio for example, and the advertiser hopes to knockdown a few sales. Or ear drums.


Start the Buyer’s Journey.

Great marketing starts with your current customers. If your company is like many small businesses today, a customer-centric marketing (CCM) strategy should be at the center of all your marketing activities. After all, when using data analytics, the collected and reviewed data will present more ideas on what a customer likes and buys.


The data collected provides you with a better picture of your buyer’s journey after each marketing program. Further, the data analysis increases the odds to sell more products and to turn more prospects into customers.


Data analytics not only shows you how consumers react to landing pages and social media messages, it is able to increase personalization accuracy and give you additional ideas for future testing.


What ideas can a disruptive advertising program provide for future marketing activities? Not much.


Additional information for your thought process.

There are many ways to learn about your customers and prospects which can impact your marketing response in the right direction.


“Taking the time to listen to, talk to and understand your customer, can greatly increase your marketing results, customer acquisition and customer retention.” MD


Read about the three traits to help you get started with a customer-centric marketing strategy.

There are many methods available to collect customer information.

I’m not sure who or what is the culprit in shameless advertising, but read on for more information.



Let other companies deal with disruptive advertising. Start working with your data with a focus to learn more about your customers. You’ll be way ahead of the companies that selected the disruptive advertising model. 


Thanks for reading. Please share, but not with your competition. If there are any questions or want to share an idea, please post or email




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