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What website would you guys recommend?

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What website would you guys recommend?

Hey guys, any suggestions for which free website service is most compatible with constant contact?

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Re: What website would you guys recommend?


For a good list of applications or services that can offer what your looking for, go to and you can search there for info on your needs. Have a good day!

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Marty K
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Re: What website would you guys recommend?

I suggest that you be very cautious when using any free website service.

You can usually expect ads to be placed on your site, as well as their logo prominently placed.

Depending on your audience, a free website can give the impression that you are a small or solo business, that you are not successful or trustworthy. 


Free website services offer their platforms so you can help market them and build their brand.


There are many low cost, full service web hosts. If your code is implemented correctly, they should work with the CC features. If you give more information about the objective of your website, I may be able to recommend a few good ones.


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,


Sumner Davenport


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Re: What website would you guys recommend?

I will be using it for real estate, after looking around I agree free sites are not the way to go. However, I'm trying to keep costs relatively low during the start up. Any recommendations?