Where to Sit at a Conference Table


Where to Sit at a Conference Table

Did you know that where you sit at the conference table makes a statement? Here at Constant Contact, the Community team is super small so we don't always have huge conference rooms to fill. When we do need to meet with others in a large space, I found that body posture is the first thing I notice about the people in the room. Are they excited to see me? Do they look nervous?


Inc.com shared an article titled “Where to Sit at a Conference Table” with some tips and even a diagram to make sure you following the unspoken rules of business meetings.


As you can see the head of the table is the farthest from the door. Here are the basics:


Seat 1: The Boss

Seat 2: The “opposing” visitor

Seat 3 & 4: The boss’s allies

Seat 5 & 6: The visitor’s allies

Seat 7: Boss’s admin or note-taker

Seat 8: Visitors admin or note-taker


Check out the full article on Inc.com for details on each seat and the special cases like where to s...

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