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Who are your best influencers?

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Who are your best influencers?

I have a few people with whom I network that use email marketing and social media to market our business.   We all make sure we keep each other's emails and Facebook page and emails socially visible by sharing them with our contacts on social media. In the picture is my fellow entrepreneur, Shannon, one of the people who shares my emails and social media as I share hers.  Ellen and Shannon.jpg


This teamwork for my network and clients is becoming more important than ever as social networks "demote the like". A "like" on Facebook is not as important as it once was making sharing even more important than it once was.  Facebook isn't showing that post that you clicked "like" to your friends so using the share will make that post much more socially visible.


I always include the social share bar at the top of the emails that I send both for myself and my clients.  That allows my readers to share my emails to their social media timelines so that readers who are not on my list have the opportunity to see my message. When I get a Constant Contact email without the social share bar I am usually disappointed because I am unable to share easily to my network.  Imagine the extended reach of your email when I share it to my personal page! 


Adding the social share bar is not enough though.  Ask in your content for people to use that social share to share the content to their social media. I use a simple request like 


"Know someone who can use this information?  Use the Social Share bar you see at the top of this email to share it with them" 


A polite request is usually well received and does result in a few of my readers sharing the email.  I also make sure that I specifically tell my best influencers the importance of sharing the emails (and social media posts) to their network. Asking them in person and telling them why makes them realize how they can help me even more than they already are with an easy click. 


After reading this, you realize the importance of including the "social share bar" at the top of your emails and asking people to share.  So who can you ask to be one of your "influencers"?  Who will be happy to share your emails and social media posts because they realize how awesome you are?  Make a note of them and ask them next time you see them; most people will be happy to share if you ask them. 


Ellen McDowell
Ellen McDowell - Your Social Butterfly
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Re: Who are your best influencers?

Great information Ellen.  Thank you.  Easy and expansion producing.